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BIOMAG 2012 awards program aims at supporting and recognizing research excellence in the field of biomagnetism.The organizers of Biomag 2012 will be awarding a number of prizes in recognition of the work of junior and senior scientists, and to stimulate research in new directions.Prizes will be announced at the awards ceremony during the Conference Dinner.

NEWAwards Ceremony photos

Awards Ceremony

The BIOMAG 2012 Awards Committee

Sylvain Baillet, PhD, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, Chair
Gareth Barnes, PhD, Functional Imaging Laboratory, University College of London
Michael Funke, MD, PhD, University of Utah
Matti Hämäläinen, PhD, A. A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Harvard Medical School 
Jens Haueisen, PhD, TU Ilmenau, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics
John C. Mosher, PhD, Cleveland Clinic

The Committee will be responsible for the evaluation and selection of the awards.

For the James Zimmerman Prize (see below), Selma Supek (chair of the IAB) and Ratko Magjarevic (IFMBE) will join the Awards Committee for the selection process.

For the Mid-Career Achievement Award (see below), Yoshio Okada, PhD, Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, will join the Awards Committee for the selection process.

1. Best PhD Poster Awards (PPA)


Jaakko Nieminen: Three-dimensional current-density and conductivity imaging

Koos Zevenhoven: Dynamic Shielding:A Novel Method For Reducing Eddy Currents in Ultra-Low-Field MRI

Methods & Models:

Sergul Aydore: The Partial Phase LockingValue for Circular Gaussian Processes

Daniel Strohmeier: Analyzing trial-to-trial variability of neuronal activity using MEG/ EEG source reconstruction with mixed norm priors in the time- frequency domain


Anastatia Pavlidou: Interactions between sensory and motor areas during action recognition

Fahimeh Mamashli: Modeling Prediction within the Semantic Language Network:A Dynamic Causal Modeling Study

2. Young Investigator Awards (YIA)


Daisuke Oyama, Ph.D. Kanazawa University Institute

Methods & Models: 

Matti Stenroos, Ph.D. Aalto University


Floris de Lange, Ph.D. Donders Institute for Brain

3. Mid-Career Achievement Award (MCA)

Ole Jensen, Ph.D. Donders Institute for Brain

4. James Zimmerman Prize (JZP)

The James Zimmerman Prize was awarded to Andrei N. Matlashov

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The International Advisory Board and BIOMAG 2012 are continuing the collaboration (IFMBE Agreement) with the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) with the James Zimmerman Prize (JZP Charter), that is awarded for significant contribution to novel SQUID-based and new generation of sensor developments, and applications in the field of biomagnetism.

The IFMBE has agreed to sponsor the award on a biannual basis during the BIOMAG conference. The award, presented for the first time in Dubrovnik during BIOMAG 2010, was commemorating 40 years of the SQUID, a celebration of the early pioneering work of James Zimmerman in the application of SQUID technology. We look forward to working with members of the IFMBE in acknowledging the contribution of the biomedical engineering community at large and hope it will encourage new ideas.

Application criteria: 

1. Significant contribution to novel SQUID-based and new generation of sensor  developments, and applications in the field of biomagnetism.

2. Participation is open to postdoctoral fellows, faculty and research scientists attending BioMag 2012. Applicants are allowed to also apply for a Young Investigator Award or Mid-career Achievement Award, if they meet the criteria.

The JZP winner will give a plenary presentation at the Biomag2012. The Award Committee will notify the selected winner by July 1, 2012.


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