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Poster Session 3

Posters will be located in Rooms 8 and 101. Each poster board is marked with a unique posterboard number. You may find your poster session day and your posterboard number on the BioMag 2012 web site.

You are responsible for transporting your poster to the conference and setting it up.  There are no printing facilities onsite.  

Your poster can be displayed from 08:00 to 19:00 the day of your presentation. You are requested to be present in front of your poster from 13:30 to 15:00.

Posters setup time: 08:00-09:00

Velcro tape will be available to affix your poster to the poster board. Pushpins and regular tape are NOT allowed.  

Additionally, you are responsible for removing your poster from the exhibit space between 18:00 and 19:00.  BioMag is not responsible for posters remaining in the exhibit space once the poster session closes.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 – Poster session 3

Artifact detection and correction - Room 8

We-101  A matched filter to reduce MRI gradient induced artifacts: Application to filtering an ECG signal buried in noise
El Tatar Aziz, Fokapu Odette

We-102  Examination of neuromagnetic signals after inhabitation in an ultra high static magnetic field with Magnetoencephalography
Boers Frank, Reske Martina, Rosenberg Jessica, Breuer Lukas, Chocholacs Harald, Eich Eberhard, Dammers Jürgen, Shah N.Jon

We-103  Real time cardiac artifact reduction in Magnetoencephalography
Breuer Lukas, Dammers Jürgen, Schiek Michael, Boers Frank, Chocholacs Harald, Eich Eberhard, Shah N. Joni

We-104  Weighted Subspace Filtering for MEG
Cassidy Ben, Mosher John, Hämäläinen Matti

We-105  Removing line-frequency, video, heart-beat, and vibration artifacts
Abeles Moshe, Tal Idan

We-106  ICA-based artefact rejection techniques improve spatial localization of beamformer algorithms in MEG
Fatima Zainab, Quraan Maher, Kovacevic Natasa, McIntosh Anthony Randal

We-107  Suppression of uncorrelated sensor noise and artifacts: Demonstration with high frequency brain signals
Helle Liisa, Parkkonen Lauri, Taulu Samu, Ahonen Antti

We-108  Extraction of infraslow motor signals by dynamic source separation
Mueller Wolfgang

We-109  Suppression of uncorrelated sensor noise and artifacts in multichannel MEG data
Taulu Samu, Simola Juha, Kajola Matti, Helle Liisa, Ahonen Antti, Sarvas Jukka

We-110  Non invasive imaging of different cortical layers using magnetoencephalograhy (MEG)
Troebinger Luzia, Lopez Jose, Lutti Antoine, Barnes Gareth, Bradbury David

We-111  A trial to reduce magnetic noise produced by tube earphones
Yumoto Masato, Masaki Katsura, Hashimoto Isao

Attention & Consciousness - Room 101

We-128  Effects of normal aging on high-gamma synchronization during a 3-stimuli visual oddball task
Akimoto Yoritaka, Nozawa Takayuki, Kanno Akitake, Ihara Mizuki, Goto Takakuni, Ogawa Takeshi, Kambara Toshimune, Sugiura Motoaki, Kawashima Ryuta

We-129  Neural mechanisms of feature attention revealed by frequency tagging in MEG
Baldauf Daniel, Desimone Robert

We-130  Neural correlates of conscious perception and exogenous attention during visual processing
Bayle Dimitri, Valero-cabre Antoni, Bartolomeo Paolo, Tallon-Baudry Catherine

We-131  Attention and emotion-related reduction of broadband gamma power in the default-mode and ventral attentional networks
Bayle Dimitri, Ossandon Tomas, Henaff Marie-Anne, Lachaux Jean-Philippe, Jerbi Karim

We-132  Cholinergic enhancement of visual attention and neural oscillations
Bauer Markus

We-133  Top-down controlled alpha power and phase protect working memory against distracting information
Bonnefond Mathilde, Jensen Ole

We-146  Gamma-band steady-state visual evoked responses reflect distinct sources in visual cortex that are enhanced by attention
Deng Siyi

We-147  How does the brain represent vibrotactile temporal structure? An SEF study
Hagiwara Koichi, Ogata Katsuya, Hironaga Naruhito, Shigeto Hiroshi, Tobimatsu Shozo

We-148  Alpha activity reflects individual abilities to adapt to the environment
Horschig Jörn M., Bonnefond Mathilde, van Schouwenburg Martine, Cools Roshan, Jensen Ole

We-149  Dynamic imaging of oscillatory networks contributing to voluntary and involuntary auditory attention shifting
Huang Samantha, Belliveau John, Chang Wei-Tang, Hämäläinen Matti, Ahveninen Jyrki

We-150  Influence of Dopamin on Gamma synchronization during self reflection
Joensson Morten, Lou Hans, Kringelbach Morten, Kjaer Troels, Gross Joachim, Mohseni Hamid

We-151  Attentional modulation of the M50 cortical network underlying the auditory gating out phenomenon
Josef Golubic Sanja, Susac Ana, Huonker Ralph, Haueisen Jens, Supek Selma

We-186  Cortical oscillations in phasic alerting revealed by magnetoencephalography
Kinsey Kristofer, Tales Andrea, Bompas Aline, Muthukumaraswamy Suresh, Singh Krish

We-187  Differential sensitivity to effects of masked semantic priming in MEG/EEG and fMRI
Lau Ellen, Hamalainen Matti, Kuperberg Gina, Ustine Candida

We-188  A MEG study into the Modulation of Attentional Networks by Task-relevance
Liddle Elizabeth, Brookes Matthew, Price Darren, Morris Peter, Liddle Peter, Liddle Elizabeth

We-189  Activity in the lateral occipital cortex between 200 and 300 ms distinguishes between physically identical seen and unseen stimuli
Liu Ying, Paradis Anne-Lise, Yahia-Cherif Lydia, Tallon-baudry Catherine

We-190  Passive time processing: a high-density event-related potential study
Mento Giovanni, Tarantino Vincenza, Sarlo Michela, Bisiacchi Patrizia

We-191  Modulation of visual awareness in- and out-of-time with rythmic apparent motion
Michalareas George, Sanders Lia, Vetter Petra, Muckli Lars, Gross Joachim

We-192  Heart-brain interactions in conscious visual perception
Park Hyeongdong, Correia Stéphanie, Ducorps Antoine, Tallon-baudry Catherine

We-193  Functional Connectivity Dynamics across the Entire Brain Space Relating to Cognition and Consciousness: Conceptual Perspective.
Ribary Urs, Doesburg Sam, Ward Lawrence

We-194  Effect of stressful conditions on central and autonomic nervous system responses during simulated driving: MEG and EDA relationship.
Salvia Emilie, Delpuech Claude, Daligault Sébastien, Guillot Aymeric, Guillot Aymeric, Guillot Aymeric, Martin Robert, Collet Christian

We-195  EEG markers of attention in patients with disorders of consciousness
Sergent Claire, Faugeras Frédéric, Rohaut Benjamin, Tallon-Baudry Catherine, Cohen Laurent, Naccache Lionel

We-196  Does  fMRI-guided Thetaburst Stimulation of Frontal Eye Fields Disrupt Top-Down Modulation of Posterior Alpha Rhythms?
Marshall Thomas, Bergmann Til Ole, Jensen Ole

We-197  Effects of Low-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Supramarginal Gyrus on Event-related Potentials
Torii Tetsuya, Sato Aya, Nakahara Yukiko, Iwahashi Masakuni, Iramina Keiji

We-198  High-risk perceptual decisions modulate frontal gamma-band activity
Vidal Juan R., Fries Pascal, Jensen Ole, Oostenveld Robert

We-199  Gating of information to downstream visual areas by alpha activity: a simultaneous EEG-fMRI study
Zumer Johanna, Scheeringa René, Norris David, Schoffelen Jan-Mathijs, Jensen Ole

Decoding & BCI - Room 8

We-18  Real-time MEG with OpenViBE, an open-source software platform for brain-computer interfaces
Maby Emmanuel, Renard Yann, Lecuyer Anatole, Delpuech Claude, Lecaignard Francoise, Daligault Sebastien, Perrin Margaux, Sanchez Gaetan, Jerbi Karim, Bertrand Olivier, Mattout Jeremie

We-19  The analysis of objective recognition free from stimulus modality
Yuasa Kenichi, Amano Kaoru, Aoyama Atsushi, Takeda Tsunehiro

We-20  Single Trial Classification by Simultaneous MEG/EEG Source Imaging
Ahn Minkyu, Hong Jun Hee, Cho Hohyun, Jun Sung Chan

We-21  Continuous tracking of covert visual spatial attention in 2D
Bahramisharif Ali, van Gerven Marcel, Jensen Ole

We-22  Random field theory for functional images of unknown topology
Barnes Gareth, Flandin Guillaume, Ridgeway Gerard, Woolrich Mark, Friston Karl

We-23  Online Brain-Computer Interface - Performance Comparison among Various Feature Extraction Methods
Cho Hohyun, Ahn Minkyu, Jun Sung Chan

We-24  Identification of unaveraged neuromagnetic brain responses using Cross Trial Phase Statistics
Schiek Michael, Florin Esther, Breuer Lukas, Chocholacs Harald, Eich Eberhard, Shah Nadim Joni

We-25  Finding a needle in the electrophysiological haystack: analysis techniques for weak brain activity.
de Cheveigné Alain

We-26  Brain Atlas based Region of Interest Selection for Real-Time Source Localization using K-Means Lead Field Clustering and RAP-MUSIC
Dinh Christoph, Strohmeier Daniel, Haueisen Jens, Güllmar Daniel

We-27  Monitoring attention in a simulated driving scenario using EEG-based connectivity measures
Ewald Arne, Gugler Manfred, Haufe Stefan, Sagebaum Max, Sonnleitner Andreas, Schrauf Michael, Curio Gabriel, Blankertz Benjamin, Treder Matthias

We-28  A new dual-frequency stimulation method to increase the number of visual stimuli for multi-class SSVEP-based brain-computer interface (BCI)
Im Chang-Hwan, Hwang Han-Jeong

We-33  Iterative phase-interpolated averaging supports the evoked model for MEG generation
Matani Ayumu, Takamune Norihiro, Terazono Yasushi, Nogai Takeshi, Fujimaki Norio, Umehara Hiroaki

We-34  Proposal of a variance stabilization transformation for averaging evoked MEG/EEG responses
Matysiak Artur, Sieluzycki Cezary, Zacharias Norman, Kordecki Wojciech, Koenig Reinhard, Heil Peter

We-35  Intracranial BCI implant localization using MEG pre-surgical evaluation
Mishchenko Ales, Labyt Etienne, Aksenova Tetiana, Benabid Alim-Louis

We-36  Principal component method : algorithm of magnetocardiosignal analysis
Nedayvoda Igor, Primin Mykhaylo, Maslennikov Yuri

We-37  How to use Independent Component Analysis in a Bayesian Inverse Solution
Puuronen Jouni, Hyvärinen Aapo

We-38  Spatiotemporal Source Complexity Imaging
Robinson Stephen, Mandell Arnold, Coppola Richard

We-39  P300 Evoked Changes in Rank Vector Entropy
Robinson Stephen, Mandell Arnold, Coppola Richard

We-40  The usefulness of prefrontal area for classifying pre-movement ECoG signals.
SangHun Lee, June Sic Kim, Chun Kee Chung

We-41  Revealing the time-course of experimental effects in multivariate time-series data using a supervised leave-one-out procedure
Schurger Aaron, Marti Sebastien

We-42  Phase template analysis for decoding steady-state visual-evoked responses
Shinozaki Takashi, Naruse Yasushi, Umehara Hiroaki

We-43  Classification of unilateral upper limb movements using MEG
Sugata Hisato, Goto Tetsu, Hirata Masayuki, Yanagisawa Takufumi, Morris Shayne, Matsushita Kojiro, Yorifuji Shiro, Yoshimine Toshiki

We-44  Sensorimotor Signal Separation
Tal Idan, Abeles Moshe

We-45  Phase-locked PCA: a subspace method enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio of event-related activity
Treder Matthias, Shahbazi Avarvand Forooz

We-46  Movement estimation from delta wave of MEG signals
Yeom HongGi, Kim June Sic, Chung Chun Kee

We-47  Accelerated brain-state segmentation using Laplacian Eigenspace Operator
Güllmar Daniel, Dinh Christoph, Graichen Uwe, Reichenbach Jürgen R., Haueisen Jens

We-48  Decoding movement intentions from brain oscillations using intracranial EEG
Rohu Victor, Combrisson Etienne, Kahane Philippe, Berthoz Alain, Lachaux Jean-Philippe, Jerbi Karim

We-49  Decoding stimulus modalities from MEG: Different ways of using spectral information
Kauppi Jukka-Pekka, Hyvärinen Aapo, Hari Riitta, Parkkonen Lauri

Developmental studies - Room 8

We-50  Processing of local and global auditory regularities in infants
Basirat Anahita, Dehaene-Lambertz Ghislaine, Dehaene Stanislas

We-53  Functional connectivity of resting state networks in children
Belardinelli Paolo, Ortiz Erick, Stingl Krunoslav, Münßinger Jana, Braun CHristoph, Preissl Hubert

We-54  Magnetoencephalography reveals relationships among neonatal pain, functional cortical activity and school-age cognitive outcome in children born preterm
Doesburg Sam, Cheung Teresa, Moiseev Alexander, Ribary Urs, Herdman Anthony, Miller Steven, Chau Cecil, Cepeda Ivan, Synnes Anne, Grunau Ruth

We-55  Altered gamma oscillations associated with motor impairment in childhood epilepsy
Doesburg Sam, Ibrahim George, Smith Mary Lou, Sharma Rohit, Chu Bill, Rutka James, Snead Carter, Pang Elizabeth, Viljoen Amrita

We-56  Fetal auditory evoked responses to different modulation rates. A fetal magnetoencephalography (fMEG) study
Draganova Rossitza, Schollbach Anna, Braendle Johanna, Eswaran Hari, Preissl Hubert

We-57  Artemis 123: Development of a whole-head infant MEG system
Edgar J. Christopher, Paulson Doug, Hirschkoff Eugene, Pratt Kevin, Mascarenas Anthony, Miller Paul, Han Mengali, Power Bill, Roberts Timothy

We-58  Tablet disintegration assessed by AMR-ACB array with 36 magnetometers
Paixao Fabiano C., Cora Luciana A., Fonseca Paulo R., Quini Caio C., Grossklauss Dany Bruno B. S., Baffa Oswaldo, Miranda Jose Ricardo A.

We-59  Synthesis and Quantitative FMR Measurements of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Gomez Jorge, Castaldelli Evandro, Demets Grégoire, Baffa Oswaldo

We-60  Complementing visual cues assist children with APD in listening in background noise - an EEG/MEG study
Gyldenkærne Pia, Sharma Mridula, Gilley Phillip, Purdy Suzanne C, Dillon Harvey

We-61  Functional network properties of attention in children and adults
Herdman Tony

We-62  Neuralsynchronization of cortical networks associated with inhibitory control in adolescents and adults
Hwang Kai, Ghuman Avniel, Luna Beatriz

We-63  Abnormal Neurodynamics of Face Processing in Autism
Kveraga Kestas, Boshyan Jasmine, Ward Noreen, Alhfors Seppo, Hamalainen Matti, Hadjikhani Nouchine, Naik Paulami

We-64  Expanding the conventional somatosensory evoked response evaluation in newborns from the primary to the secondary somatosensory cortex with MEG
Lauronen Leena, Nevalainen Päivi, Pihko Elina

We-65  Relations between cognitive functioning test score and MEG power spectral density of healthy 2-5-year-old children
Nagao Kikuko, Okumura Eiichi, Ohmi Masao, Koizumi Shoichi

We-66  Absence of SEFs in the secondary somatosensory cortex at term is associated with adverse neurodevelopment in infants born 28 weeks
Nevalainen Päivi, Pihko Elina, Rahkonen Petri, Lano Aulikki, Metsäranta Marjo, Andersson Sture, Autti Taina, Lauronen Leena

We-67  Contamination of Electrophysiological Signals during High MRI Resolution: An in-vitro Study
El Tatar Aziz, Fokapu Odette

We-68  Development of auditory cortical activation in the child brain
Parviainen Tiina

We-69  Fetal auditory evoked cortical responses development by fetal MEG measurements: influences on the responses latency by the gestational age, behavioral states and steroids treatment.
Schneider Uwe, Moraru Liviu, Wiegand Daniel, Nowack Samuel, Hoyer Dirk, Schleussner Ekkehard

We-70  Predominance of bottom-up functional interactions between posterior and frontal regions during reading
Simos Panagiotis, Rezaie Roozbeh, Fletcher Jack, Papanicolaou Andrew

We-71  Increased temporo-parietal connectivity in children with ADHD and CSWS
Stavrinou Maria, Larsson Pål Gunnar, Storm Johan F.

We-72  An Efficient Liquid Helium Circulation System for MEG and its Performance
Takeda Tsunehiro

We-73  Graph theoretical analysis of neuromagnetic data during a motor task in infants and young children
Tana Maria Gabriella, Berchicci Marika, Comani Silvia

We-74  Localizing the N400m in preschool children: A lexical access study
Tesan Graciela, Johnson Blake, Crain Stephen

We-75  MEG Characterization of Aversive Trace Conditioning in FASD
Tesche Claudia, Garcia Christopher, Kodituwakku Piyadasa, Houck Jon

We-76  Abnormal Auditory Evoked Responses to Standard and Novel Stimuli in Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): A Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) Study
Tesche Claudia, Garcia Christopher, Kodituwakku Piyadasa, Houck Jon

We-77  Neurophysiological Processes in the Learning of Novel Object's Functions in Children
Urbain Charline, Schmitz Remy, Bourguignon Mathieu, Op de Beeck Marc, Galer Sophie, De Tiège
Xavier, Van Bogaert Patrick, Peigneux Philippe

We-78  Investigating inhibition in adults and adolescents with and without ASD 
Varatharajah Sinthujah, Pang Elizabeth, Taylor Margot J., Anagnostou Evdokia, Vidal Julie

We-79  Assessment of Spatial and Spectral Signatures of Word Recognition in the Developing Brain using Accumulated Virtual Spectrograms
Xiang Jing, Gummadavelli Abhijeet, Pardos Maria, Guo Xinyao, Chu Hongtao, Horn Paul, Wang Yingying, Liu Yinhong, Zhang Fawen

We-100  Boys and girls show different developmental trajectories on a MEG language lateralization task
Yu Vickie Y., MacDonald Matt J., Hua Gordon, Oh Anna, Kadis Darren, Pang Elizabeth W.

Modeling - 2 - Room 8

We-1  Multi-source minimum variance localizers for dual state scenarios
Moiseev Alexander

We-2  Brain source localization with Champagne on real and simulated EEG data
Jochmann Thomas, Scherg Michael, Paul-Jordanov Isabella, Haueisen Jens, Nagarajan Srikantan S.

We-3  MEG analytical method - possibility of a group analysis -
Kanno Akitake, Nozawa Takayuki, Kambara Toshimune, Sugiura Motoaki, Okumura Eichi, Nakasato Nobukazu, Kawashima Ryuta, Akimoto Yoritaka

We-4  Spatio-temporal Regularization in Linear Distributed Source Reconstruction from EEG/MEG ? A Critical Evaluation
Knösche Thomas, Dannhauer Moritz, Wolters Carsten

We-5  MEG/EEG brain imaging based on Beamforming and sparse anatomical priors
Lopez Jose David, Espinosa Jairo Jose, Penny William, Barnes Gareth

We-6  Maximum Current Density Constrained MEG Source Localization
Luessi Martin, Okada Yoshio, Hamalainen Matti

We-7  Localization of epileptogenic zones in secondary generalized epilepsy using frequency domain source imaging of intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG) high gamma oscillations
Im Chang-Hwan, Cho Jae-Hyun, Parkkonen Lauri T., Penttilä Jari

We-8  Accurate skull modeling from MRI for EEG source localization
Montes Restrepo Victoria Eugenia, van Mierlo Pieter, Hallez Hans, Staelens Steven

We-9  Resolution of MEG inverse problem via Reweighted l1 Minimization Algorithm
Muzi Marco, Marzetti Laura, Pizzella Vittorio

We-10  Statistical Thresholding for Source Localization with Non-trial-Averaged Data
Nagarajan Srikantan, Owen Julia, Attias Hagai, Sekihara Kensuke

We-11  Performance evaluation of the Champagne source reconstruction algorithm
Nagarajan Srikantan, Owen Julia, Attias Hagai, Sekihara Kensuke

We-12  An explicit method for MEG inverse problem with the equivalent current dipoles and quadrupoles source model
Nara Takaaki, Amano Kaoru, Takeda Tsunehiro

We-13  Beamforming with vector spherical harmonic lead fields
Nenonen Jukka, Hämäläinen Janne, Taulu Samu, Vrba Jiri

We-14  Whole cortex parcellation combining analysis of MEG forward problem, structural connectivity and Brodmann atlas
Anne-Charlotte Philippe, Clerc Maureen, Papadopoulo Theodore, Deriche Rachid

We-15  A GPU accelerated finite volume method for EEG forward and inverse modelling
Price Darren, Antunes Andre, Keeling Thomas, Mullinger Karen, Glover Paul, Morris Peter, Bowtell Richard, Brookes Matthew

We-16  Changes in Scalp Potentials and Magnetic Fields due to Inclusion of Dura Layer in Human Head Models
Ramon Ceon, Fridgeirsson Egill, Gargiulo Paolo

We-17  Task-Specific Source Localization
Bahramisharif Ali, van Gerven Marcel, Schoffelen Jan-Mathijs, Heskes Tom

We-29  Comparison of three- and single-shell head models in magnetoencephalography
Stenroos Matti, Hunold Alexander, Eichardt Roland, Haueisen Jens

We-30  On performance of linear estimators in MEG/EEG source analysis
Stenroos Matti, Hauk Olaf

We-31  Modified Source Stability Index for improved accuracy of evoked source localization using spatial filters
Woods Will, Prendergast Garreth, Green Gary

We-32  Complementary sensitivity of EEG and MEG depending on source depth and orientation
Hunold Alexander, Funke Michael, Eichardt Roland, Haueisen Jens

We-112  Spatiotemporal patterns of the resting state: a virtual brain study
Spiegler Andreas, Hansen Enrique Carlos Arnoldo, Knock Stuart, Bonnard Mireille, Jirsa Viktor

We-113  A fully Bayesian variational approach to brain source localization
Tandetzky Ralph, Jochmann Thomas

We-114  Modeling the dependence of current dipole moment on synaptic input patterns
Ahlfors Seppo, Wreh II Christopher

We-115  Predicting resting state MEG data using a biophysical network model
Ahmad Faysal, Smith Stephen, Cabral Joana, Deco Gustavo, Kringelbach Morten, Woolrich Mark

We-116  Localization of true brain interacting sources and their interactions from EEG and MEG data using Self-Consistent MUSIC and modified beamformers
Shahbazi avarvand Forooz, Ewald Arne, Nolte Guido

We-117  CUDAfication of the BEM forward solution for the EEG and MEG.
Bangera Nitin, Lewine Jeffrey

We-118  Improved Accuracy in MEG Source Localization using a 3D Laser Scanner
Bardouille Timothy, Vemakrishnamurthy Santosh, D'Arcy Ryan

We-119  Soft Anatomical Constraints for Source Localization
Beltrachini Leandro, von Ellenrieder Nicolás, Muravchik Carlos

We-120  A mesoscopic biophysical model for multimodal brain activity data
Blanchard Solenna, Benali Habib, Benquet Pascal, Ivanov Anton, Bénar Christian, Wendling Fabrice

We-121  The adjoint method of OpenMEEG for EEG or MEG forward problem resolution
Clerc Maureen, Olivi Emmanuel, Gramfort Alexandre, Papadopoulo Théodore

We-122  A GPU-accelerated Performance Optimized RAP-MUSIC Algorithm for Real-Time Source Localization
Dinh Christoph, Ruehle Johannes, Bollmann Steffen, Haueisen Jens, Güllmar Daniel

We-123  A Functio-Anatomical Inspired Source Covariance Estimate for Linear Reconstruction of EEG and MEG Generators
Fuchs Mirco, Knösche Thomas, Maess Burkhard

We-124  Sensitivity of MEG and EEG for Extended Cortical Activity
Fuchs Manfred, Wagner Michael, Kastner Jörn, Tech Reyko

We-125  Localization using beamfomer based on Wavelet-based time-frequency analysis with Magnetoencepholography in Epilepsy
Fujiwara Hisako, Hemasilpin Nat, Rose Douglas

We-126  Beamformer based on Matching Pursuit and application to Auditory Evoked Fields
Halbleib Andreas, Dalal Sarang

We-127  Bayesian preconditioned CGLS for source separation in MEG time slices
Homa Laura, Calvetti Daniela, Somersalo Erkki

Motor system - Room 101

We-159  An MEG compatible system for the measurement of orofacial kinematics: The MASK system
Alves-Kotzev Natasha, Cheyne Douglas, van Lieshout Pascal, Chau Tom, Hotze Fanny

We-160  MEG Correlates of Single-Session Learning Using a Visuomotor Task
Boe Shaun, Bardouille Timothy

We-161  Modulation of cortex/muscle coherence by observation of another person's hand movements
Bourguignon Mathieu, Piitulainen Harri, Smeds Eero, De Tiège Xavier, Jousmäki Veikko, Hari Riitta

We-162  SMA activity coherent with hand muscle activity during a precision grip task revealed by DICS analysis of MEG data
Chen Sophie, Badier Jean-Michel, De Graaf Jozina Bernhardina

We-163  HR-EEG imaging of post-stroke brain recovery induced by VR-augmented rehabilitation performed with a passive robotic device
Comani Silvia, Steinisch Martin, Tana Maria Gabriella

We-164  A novel multimodal functional neuroimaging approach for non-invasive mapping of the primary sensorimotor cortex
De Tiège Xavier, Bourguignon Mathieu, Hari Riitta, Op de beeck Marc, Marty Brice, Wens Vincent, Van Bogaert Patrick, Goldman Serge, Jousmäki Veikko

We-165  Motor command inhibition during motor imagery after spinal cord injury: A MEG study.
Di Rienzo Franck, Guillot Aymeric, Mateo Sébastien, Daligault Sébastien, Delpuech Claude, Gilles Rode, Collet Christian

We-166  Movement-related cortical oscillations and Parkinson's disease
Gaetz William, Spindler Meredith, Hummel Eileen, Schwartz Erin, Duda John, Roberts Timothy

We-167  Does early change in hand usage influence language lateralization? A twin case study
Herfurth Kirsten, Fouladi Sarah, Pauli Elisabeth, Stefan Hermann, Rampp Stefan

We-168  The long latency motor response in the upper limbs muscle evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation on the cerebellum
Hosokawa Sachiyo, Goto Tetsu, Hirata Masayuki, Yorifuji Shiro

We-169  Neuromagnetic Correlates of Cortical Thickness Changes in Children Receiving Therapy for Motor Speech Disorders
Kadis Darren, Goshulak Debra, Pukonen Margit, Kroll Robert, De Nil Luc, Namasivayam Aravind, Lerch Jason, Cheyne Douglas, Pang Elizabeth

We-170  Impact of hand movement rate on corticokinematic coherence
Marty Brice, Bourguignon Mathieu, Op de deek Marc, Wens Vincent, Goldman Serge, Van Bogaert Patrick, Hari Rita, Jousmäki Veikko, De Tiège Xavier

We-171  Age-related differences in post-movement mu rhythm modulation after motor learning
Mary Alison, Bourguignon Mathieu, Op de Beeck Marc, Leproult Rachel, Van Bogaert Patrick, De Tiège Xavier, Peigneux Philippe

We-172  Cortical activation of the tenodesis grasp after C6 quadriplegia: a MEG control case study
Mateo Sébastien, Di Rienzo Franck, Delpuech Claude, Daligault Sébastien, Jacquin-Courtois Sophie, Guillot Aymeric, Collet Christian, Rode Gilles

We-173  Motivational modulation of motor beta de-synchronization during effort preparation
Meyniel Florent, Pessiglione Mathias

We-174  rTMS and tDCS to the motor cortex modulate event related desynchronization of mu wave
Nojima Kazuhisa, Puanhvan Dilok, Katayama Yoshinori, Wongsawat Yodchanan, Iramina Keiji

We-175  Action understanding: top-down effects
Pascarella Annalisa, Avanzini Pietro, Fabbri-Destro Maddalena, Cattaneo Luigi, Barchiesi Guido, Rizzolatti Giacomo

We-176  Interactions between sensory and motor areas during action recognition.
Pavlidou Anastasia, Schnitzler Alfons, Lange Joachim

We-177  Coherence between MEG and peripheral motor-action-related signals
Piitulainen Harri, Bourguignon Mathieu, De Tiège Xavier, Hari Riitta, Jousmäki Veikko

We-178  Localization of cortical motor areas in humans using a magnetoencephalography
Prokofyev Andrey, Chayanov Nikita, Morozov Alexey, Stroganova Tatiana

We-179  Revealing covert brain activity from MEG measurements
Takeda Yusuke, Yamanaka Kentaro, Yamagishi Noriko, Sato Masa-aki

We-180  Neuromagnetic imaging of movement-related cortical activity: development of rolandic rhythms with age
Tana Maria Gabriella, Comani Silvia, Berchicci Marika

We-181  Primary motor area as main direct target of somatosensory projections.
Tecchio Franca, Tomasevic Leo, Cottone Carlo, Salustri Carlo, Porcaro Camillo, Zappasodi Filippo

We-182  Movement induced uncoupling of primary sensory and motor areas in focal task-specific hand dystonia.
Tecchio Franca, Melgari Jean Marc, Zappasodi Filippo, Porcaro Camillo, Tomasevic leo, Cassetta Emanuele, Rossini Paolo Maria, Cottone Carlo

We-183  Simultaneous EEG, fMRI and NIRS in healthy subjects and myoclonic patients during unilateral hand movement
Visani Elisa, Gilioli Isabella, Canafoglia Laura, Duran Dunja, Panzica Ferruccio, Cubeddu Rinaldo, Torricelli Alessandro, Cerutti Sergio, Bianchi Anna Maria, Franceschetti Silvana

We-184  Response inhibition mechanism during ongoing rapid reaction: An MEG study
Yu Zhen, Yazawa Shogo, Murahara Takashi, Saito Hidekazu, Shiraishi Hideaki, Matsuhashi Masao, Matsuyama Kiyoji, Nagamine Takashi

We-185  MEG frequency modulation in motor cortical network during active and passive ankle dorsiflection
Zappasodi Filippo, Pittaccio Simone, Tamburro Gabriella, Viscuso Stefano, Marzetti Laura, Tecchio Franca, Romani Gian Luca, Pizzella Vittorio

Somatosensory processing - Room 101

We-136  Modulation of somatosensory evoked fields by intensity of interfering stimuli in human primary and secondary somatosensory cortices
Lim Manyoel, Kim June Sic, Chung Chun Kee

We-137  Evaluation of lip sensory disturbance by somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following lip stimulation
Maezawa Hitoshi, Matsuhashi Masao, Yoshida Kazuya, Mima Tatsuya, Funahashi Makoto, Nagamine Takashi, Fukuyama Hidenao

We-138  Lowered frequency and altered stimulus-induced modulation of S1 alpha activity in hepatic encephalopathy
May Elisabeth S., Butz Markus, Kahlbrock Nina, Brenner Meike, Kircheis Gerald, Häussinger Dieter, Schnitzler Alfons

We-139  Neuromagnetic detection of laryngeal area: Sensory evoked fields to air-puff stimulation
Miyaji Hideaki, Hironaga Naruhito, Umezaki Toshiro, Hagiwara Koichi, Shigeto Hiroshi, Tobimatsu Shozo, Komune Shizuo

We-140  Buildup of a perceptual internal reference during tactile frequency discrimination: a MEG study.
Sanchez Gaëtan, Daligault Sebastien, Maby Emmanuel, Bouet Romain, Bertrand Olivier, Mattout Jérémie

We-141  Physiological aging impacts the hemispheric balances of  resting state primary somatosensory activities
Tecchio Franca, Cottone Carlo, Tomasevic Leo, Porcaro Camillo, Filligoi Giancarlo, Zappasodi Filippo

We-142  Directionality of the coupling between somatosensory areas revealed by neuromagnetic sources  of the vibro-tactile steady-state response
Vakorin Vasily A, Ross Bernhard, Misic Bratislav, McIntosh Anthony R, Krakovska Olga

We-143  Anticipation improves tactile perception via increased ipsilateral stimulus processing
van Ede Freek, Maris Eric, de Lange Floris P.

We-144  The effect of median nerve stimulation on evoked responses and beta band power loss in human somatosensory cortex
Wang Fan, Brookes Matthew, Morris Peter

We-145  Comparison of auditory and somatosensory evoked fields measured with whole-head magnetometer, planar and axial gradiometer systems
Yumoto Masato, Kimura Tomoaki, Hashimoto Isao

We-152  Successful functional integration of the transplanted hand heralded by the dynamics of reemergence of somatosensory responses
Bagic Anto, Sudre Gustavo, Gorantla Vijay, Lee Vincent, Jousmäki Veikko, Haridis Anna, Spiess Alexander, Lee W. P. Andrew, Losee Joseph E., Boada Fernando, Hari Riitta, Parkkonen Lauri, Bagic Anto

We-153  Increasing neural synchrony parallels successful embodiment of the transplanted hand
Bagic Anto, Sudre Gustavo, Gorantla Vijay, Jousmäki Veikko, Haridis Anna, Lee W. P. Andrew, Spiess Alexander M., Losee Joseph E., Hari Riitta, Parkkonen Lauri

We-154  Evolving connectivity pattern during successful functional integration of the transplanted hand
Bagic Anto, Castellanos Nazareth, Gorantla Vijay, Sudre Gustavo, Jousmäki Veikko, Haridis Anna, Lee W. P. Andrew, Spiess Alexander M., Losee Joseph E., Maestú Fernando

We-155  Audiotactile interactions and defensive responses in the perihead space: an MEG study
Braun Christoph, Occelli Valeria, Demarchi Gianpaolo, Leonardelli Elisa, Grassi Massimo, Zampini Massimiliano

We-156  Stimuli information processing in primary and secondary somatosensory cortex.
Demarchi Gianpaolo, Weisz Nathan, Braun Christoph

We-157  Sensitivity of low-noise EEG and MEG systems at 1 kHz
Fedele Tommaso, Scheer Hans-Juergen, Korber Rainer, Burghoff Martin, Curio Gabriel

We-158  Cross-modal gating of sensorimotor networks revealed by magnetoencephalography
Ferrari Paul, Cheyne Douglas

Ultra-low field MRI - Room 8

We-51  Highly multi-channel SQUID system for ultra-low-field MRI and MEG
Zevenhoven Koos C. J., Dabek Juhani, Vesanen Panu T., Nieminen Jaakko O., Alanko Sarianna, Zhdanov Andrey V., Luomahaara Juho, Hsu Yi-Cheng, Lin Fa-Hsuan, Ilmoniemi Risto, Mäkelä Jyrki P., Ahonen Antti I., Simola Juha, Hassel Juha, Parkonen Lauri, Penttilä Jari

We-52  Dynamic shielding: A novel method for reducing eddy currents in ultra-low-field MRI
Zevenhoven Koos C. J., Ilmoniemi Risto J.

We-80  SQUID-based system for interleaved ULF MRI and MEG of the occipital region of human head
Burmistrov Evgeny, Espy Michelle, Kim Young Jin, Magnelind Per, Matlashov Andrei, Sandin Henrik, Urbaitis Algis, Volegov Peter

We-81  Toward neuronal current spectroscopy at Ultra-Low field NMR
Cassara Antonino M., Körber Rainer, Hilschenz Ingo, Kühn Andrea, Burghoff Martin, Maraviglia Bruno, Höfner Nora, Fedele Tommaso

We-82  Phase Imaging at Ultra-Low Field MRI
Cassara Antonino M., Körber Rainer, Burghoff Martin, Hagberg Gisela, Maraviglia Bruno, Hartwig Stefan

We-83  Magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography at ultra-low fields
Espy Michelle, George John, Gomez John, Magnelind Per, Matlashov Andrei, Tucker Donald, Turovets Sergei, Urbaitis Algis, Volegov Petr

We-84  Toward Dynamic, Multi-modality Imaging of Human Brain Function in a Single Instrument
George John, Magnelind Per, Guthormsen Amy, Burmistov Evgeny, Matlashov Andrei, Volegov Petr, Espy Michelle

We-85  Low Field set-up for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Hartwig Stefan, Trahms Lutz, Burghoff Martin, Albrecht Hans-Helge, Körber Rainer, Höfner Nora, Cassará Antonio Mario, Scheer Hans-Jürgen, Hilschenz Ingo

We-86  Low Field MRI at 10mT with Mixed Sensors
Herreros Quentin, Pannetier-Lecoeur Myriam, Fermon Claude, Demonti Amala, Rogeau Leila, Campiglio Paolo

We-87  NMR experiments of the asymmetry spin echo technique for ultra low-field functional magnetic resonance imaging (ULF-fMRI)
Higuchi Masanori, Oyama Daisuke, Adachi Yoshiaki, Uehara Gen

We-88  Heart Magnetic Resonance
Kim Kiwoong

We-89  Toward a novel brain functional connectivity visualization tool by direct imaging of coherent brain waves: Brain Magnetic Resonance
Kim Kiwoong, Lee Seong-Joo, Kang Chan Seok, Hwang Seong-min, Lee Yong-Ho, Yu Kwon-Kyu

We-90  Development of optically pumped atomic magnetometers toward ultra-low field multimodal MRI systems
Kobayashi Tetsuo, Ito Yosuke, Oida Tekenori

We-91  On the prospects of direct neuronal current detection by SQUID based low field NMR: a phantom study
Körber Rainer, Höfner Nora, Cassará Antonino, Haueisen Jens, Trahms Lutz, Burghoff Martin

We-92  Atomic magnetometers for MRX-mapping of SPIONs
Lebedev Victor, Castgna Natascia, Weis Antoine, Michen Benjamin, Fink Alke, Bison Georg

We-93  Magnetic Imaging with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization by using Ultra-low-field NMR
Lee Seong-Joo, Kim Kiwoong, Kang Chan Seok, Hwang Seong-min, Lee Yong-Ho

We-94  Ultra-low-field MRI noise suppression using a data consistency constraint
Lin Fa-Hsuan, Hsu Yi-Cheng, Vesanen Panu, Nieminen Jaakko, Zevenhoven2 Koos, Dabek Juhani, Zhdanov Andrey, Parkkonen Lauri, Ilmoniemi Risto

We-95  Flow-based microtesla magnetic resonance imaging of phantoms
Magnelind Per, George John, Gomez John, Matlashov Andrei, Urbaitis Algis, Volegov Petr, Espy Michelle

We-96  Development of a SQUID-Based LF-MRI System for small animals
Miyamoto Masakazu, Hatta Junichi, Oyama Daisuke, Kawai Jun, Higuchi Masanori, Uehara Gen, Adachi Yoshiaki

We-97  Three-dimensional current-density and conductivity imaging with ultra-low-field MRI
Nieminen Jaakko O., Vesanen Panu T., Ilmoniemi Risto J.

We-98  Temperature dependence of T1 relaxation in ultra-low magnetic fields
Vesanen Panu T., Nieminen Jaakko O., Dabek Juhani, Zevenhoven Koos C. J., Ilmoniemi Risto J.

We-99  Toward high resolution images with SQUID-based ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging
Volegov Petr, Burmistrov Evgeny, Kim Young Jin, Magnelind Per, Matlashov Andrei, Sandin Jan Henrik, Schultz Larry, Urbaitis Algis, Espy Michelle


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