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Poster Session 1

Posters will be located in Rooms 8 and 101. Each poster board is marked with a unique posterboard number. You may find your poster session day and your posterboard number on the BioMag 2012 web site.

You are responsible for transporting your poster to the conference and setting it up.  There are no printing facilities onsite.  

Your poster can be displayed from 08:00 to 19:00 the day of your presentation. You are requested to be present in front of your poster from 13:30 to 15:00.

Posters setup time: 08:00-09:00

Velcro tape will be available to affix your poster to the poster board. Pushpins and regular tape are NOT allowed.  

Additionally, you are responsible for removing your poster from the exhibit space between 18:00 and 19:00.  BioMag is not responsible for posters remaining in the exhibit space once the poster session closes.

Monday, August 27th, 2012 – Poster session 1

Analysis toolbox - Room 8

Mo-114  Introducing ELAN: a free package for advanced MEG, EEG and intracranial signal analysis
Aguera Pierre Emmanuel, Jerbi Karim, Caclin Anne, Bertrand Olivier

Mo-115  Efficient processing of MEG data on a multi-core multi computer infrastructure
Garg Amanmeet, Joblin Mitchell, Herdman Anthony, Beg Mirza Faisal

Mo-116  Maintaining fine temporal resolution when visualizing beamforming results
Goldstein Avi, Harpaz Yuval

Mo-117  A graphic user interface-based automated processing stream for Granger analysis of source space reconstructions of MEG/EEG data
Gow David, Nied A. Conrad, Ahlfors Seppo, Gow David

Mo-118  The MNE package for MEG and EEG data processing
Gramfort Alexandre, Luessi Martin, Hamalainen Matti

Mo-119  Proposal for a new MEG-MRI co-registration: A 3D-camera system
Hironaga Naruhito, Hagiwara Koichi, Ogata Katsuya, Tobimatsu Shozo

Mo-120  BrainWave: A Matlab toolbox for MEG beamformer analysis
Jobst Cecilia, Chen Zhengkai, Ferrari Paul, van Lieshout Natascha, Cheyne Douglas

Mo-121  HERMES: a friendly connectivity analysis software
Niso Guiomar

Mo-122  Identification of specific signals in magnetic resonance spectroscopy using advanced techniques
Peña Fernández Alberto, Herranz Muñoz Diego

Mo-123  Software suite for MEG, EEG, EcoG/intracranical EEG data analysis
Yahia Cherif Lydia, Lemaréchal Jean-Didier, Ducorps Antoine, Hugueville Laurent, Schwartz Denis

Auditory processing - Room 8

Mo-52  Effect of stimulus presentation rate on music syntactic processing
Amemiya Kaoru, Karino Shotaro, Yumoto Masato, Yamasoba Tatsuya

Mo-68  Cortical oscillatory changes related to violation of cross-sensory prediction and association
Aoyama Atsushi, Kuriki Shinya

Mo-69  An Audio-Visual Investigation of Brain Connectivity Via Correlations of Beta Power Fluctuations During a Search Task
Ard Tyler, Holroydt Tom, Carver Fred, Coppola Richard

Mo-70  Combining EEG and MEG to Study Auditory Tonotopy
Aydin Ümit, Vorwerk Johannes, Lucka Felix, Pantev Christo, Wolters Carsten H.

Mo-71  Context effects in auditory change detection
Barascud Nicolas, Chait Maria

Mo-72  Modulations of neural activity in auditory streaming induced by spectral and temporal alternations of the prior stimuli: an MEG study
Chakalov Ivan, Draganova Rossitza, Wollbrink Andreas, Preissl Hubert, Pantev Christo, Chakalov Ivan

Mo-73  Magnetic mismatch negativity to frequency and phonetic changes in aging: An MNE analysis
Cheng Chia-Hsiung, Hsiao Fu-Jung, Lin Yung-Yang

Mo-74  Auditory Processing Delays in Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Coffman Brian A., Stone David, Romero Lucinda, Kodituwakku Elizabeth L., Kodituwakku Piyadasa, Stephen Julia M.

Mo-75  Functional asymmetry in the brain's response to left and right auditory space
Dietz Martin, Garrido Marta, Roepstorff Andreas

Mo-76  Awareness related auditory scene analysis:  A processing cascade enables a tone pair to be segregated from background and enter awareness
Giani Anette S., Noppeney Uta

Mo-77  Brain activity is related to individual memory capacity in auditory short-term memory for pitch: evidence from magnetoencephalography
Grimault Stephan, Lefebvre Christine, Vachon François, Hyde Krista, Peretz Isabelle, Zatorre Robert, Robitaille Nicolas, Jolicoeur Pierre

Mo-78  Auditory evoked magnetic fields related to speaking rate of synthetic speech
Hayashi Minoru

Mo-79  Auditory steady-state response reflects the auditory continuity illusion
Kaiser Jochen, Abel Cornelius

Mo-80  The effect of memory trace on auditory evoked magnetic fields
Keceli Sumru, Okamoto Hidehiko, Kakigi Ryusuke

Mo-81  Phase shifts of low frequency oscillations in visual and auditory cortices predict temporal recalibration 
Kösem Anne, Gramfort Alexandre, van Wassenhove Virginie

Mo-82  Auditory Steady State Responses Elicited by a Sequence of Amplitude-Modulated Tones
Kuriki Shinya, Kobayashi Yusuke, Kobayashi Takanari, Tanaka Keita, Uchikawa Yoshinori

Mo-83  A simultaneous EEG-MEG MMN paradigm : a DCM study
Lecaignard Françoise, Bertrand Olivier, Daligault Sebastien, Delpuech Claude, Gimenez Gérard, Perrin M, Caclin Anne

Mo-84  Auditory sampling in Dyslexia: a combined EEG/fMRI study
Lehongre Katia, Morillon Benjamin, Ramus Franck, Giraud Anne-Lise

Mo-85  The investigation of the isofrequency band in human auditory cortex by using a magnetoencephalography
Liao Shu-Hsien, Yang Hong-Chang, Chen Kuen-Lin, Horng Herng-Er, Chieh Jen-Je, Lee Yong-Ho

Mo-86  Neuromagnetic responses to auditory deviance in Huntington's disease
Lin Yung-Yang, Cheng Chia-Hsiung, Soong Bing-Wen, Hsu Wan-Yu

Mo-87  Time course of motor influences on auditory-cortex responses to speech sounds: combined TMS and MEG experiments
Mottonen Riikka, van de Ven Gido, Watkins Kate

Mo-88  Assessment of temporal resolution of bone-conducted ultrasonic hearing using neuromagnetic and psychophysical measurements
Nakagawa Seiji, Hotehama Takuya

Mo-89  Novel method of presenting mismatch responses  in MEG and EEG.
Nemoto Iku

Mo-90  Exploring the laminar origin of induced auditory gamma-band responses with 3D microelectrode arrays
Ogawa Takeshi, Jerbi Karim, Bertrand Olivier, Riera Jorge, Kawashima Ryuta

Mo-91  Neural activity elicited by sound changes in human auditory cortex
Okamoto Hidehiko, Teismann Henning, Pantev Christo, Kakigi Ryusuke

Mo-92  Mismatch fields elicited by prosodic change of speech-modulated bone-conducted ultrasound
Okayasu Tadao, Nishimura Tadashi, Nakagawa Seiji, Yamashita Akinori, Uratani Yuka, Hosoi Hiroshi

Mo-93  Frequency Characteristics of Neuromagnetic Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) to sinusoidally amplitude-modulated chirp tones.
Otsuka Asuka, Yumoto Masato, Kuriki Shinya, Nakagawa Seiji

Mo-94  Using MEG to Investigate Habituation in Musical Contexts
Randall Richard, Sudre Gustavo, Xu Yang, Bagic Anto

Mo-95  Distributed source analysis of the P300 recorded with combined EEG-MEG and comparison with BOLD fMRI
Shaw Marnie, Gutschalk Alexander

Mo-96  Investigation of optimal auditory signal for visually-challenged people using auditory evoked magnetic responses
Soeta Yoshiharu, Nakagawa Seiji

Mo-97  Auditory Processing Delays in Preschool Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Stephen Julia M., Kodituwakku Elizabeth L., Romero Lucinda, Sharadamma Nirupama M., Peters Amanda M., Coffman Brian A., Kodituwakku Piyadasa W.

Mo-98  Objective judgment of the noticed sound in mixed sounds using a coherence function between brain signal and sound envelope
Suzuka Yuko, Higuchi Masanori, Oyama Daisuke, Kawai Jun

Mo-99  A network analysis of phonemic perception in aphasic stroke patients using dynamic causal modelling
Teki Sundeep, Barnes Gareth, Penny William, Griffiths Timothy, Leff Alexander

Mo-100  Altered alpha-activity related to impaired short-term memory of tone sequences in congenital amusia
Albouy Philippe, Caclin Anne, Tillmann Barbara

Mo-101  Auditory evoked on-response and off-response investigated with magnetoencephalography
Yang Hong-Chang, Chen Kuen-Lin, Chiu Ming-Jang, Horng Herng-Er, Liao Shu-Hsien, Lee Yong-Ho, Kwon Hyukchan

Mo-102  The Transient-Reduction-of-Excitability (TREX) Model Accounts for the Dependence of the Auditory M100-Peak Amplitude on Stimulus Onset Interval, Stimulus Frequency, and Probability of Occurrence
Zacharias Norman, König Reinhard, Heil Peter

Connectivity,  causality & oscillations - Room 101

Mo-128  Empirical Mode Decomposition Phase-Locking Analysis of Auditory Mismatch Negativity Data: An MEG study
Andrade Alexandre, Fonseca-Pinto Rui, Hughes Laura, Rowe James

Mo-129  Canonical Granger Causality
Ashrafulla Syed, Haldar Justin, Joshi Anand, Leahy Richard

Mo-130  The Partial Phase Locking Value for Circular Gaussian Processes
Aydore Sergul, Pantazis Dimitrios, Leahy Richard

Mo-131  Investigating the temporal dynamics of resting state connectivity with MEG
Baker Adam, Brookes Matthew, Probert Smith Penny, Woolrich Mark

Mo-132  Comparison of brain networks during oscillatory  and transient epileptic activity
Bénar Christian-G., Jmail Nawel, Gavaret Martine, Bartolomei Fabrice, Kachouri Abdennaceur, Chauvel Patrick

Mo-133  Variable Bandwidth Filtering of Gamma for Improved Sensitivity of Cross-Frequency Coupling Metrics
Berman Jeffrey, McDaniel Jonathan, Liu Song, Cornew Lauren, Gaetz William, Roberts Timothy, Edgar J. Christopher

Mo-146  Extent of electrocardiogram related wire artefact in LFP-MEG coherence of dystonia and Parkinson's patients
Bock Antje

Mo-147  Resting state brain dynamics and its transients : a combined TMS-EEG study
Bonnard Mireille, Briend Frédéric, Sanchez Patrick, Carrere Marcel, Jirsa Viktor

Mo-148  Beamforming (in)sensitivity to correlated sources as a connectivity diagnostic
Brennan Jonathan, Gaetz William, Roberts Timothy

Mo-149  Higher order spectral analysis for cross-frequency connectivity estimation in EEG/MEG
Chella Federico, Marzetti Laura, Pizzella Vittorio, Zappasodi Filippo, Nolte Guido

Mo-150  Cortical rhythms and communication associated with perceived exertion during lift execution
Comani Silvia, Falasca Nicola Walter, Franciotti Raffaella, de Morree Helma M., Marcora Samuele M.

Mo-151  Temporal topological transformation in dynamic MEG-derived graph sequences
Daley Mark

Mo-174  Complexity in the resting state MEG signal: An independent components analysis
Nugent Allison, Zarate, Jr. Carlos, Mandell Arnold, Coppola Rich, Robinson Stephen

Mo-175  Estimating neural interactions delays using transfer entropy
Wibral Michael, Siebenhuhner Felix, Priesemann Viola, Pampu Nicolae, Lindner Michael, Vicente Raul

Mo-176  Multivariate Phase-Amplitude Coupling in a Curvilinear Coordinate
Mohseni Hamid, Kringelbach Morten, Woolrich Mark, Probert Smith Penny, Green Alex, Aziz Tipu

Mo-177  Berger interactions
Monto Simo

Mo-178  Cross-Frequency Decomposition: A novel technique for studying interactions between neuronal oscillations with different frequencies
Nikulin Vadim, Nolte Guido, Curio Gabriel

Mo-179  Added value of connectivity analysis on brain waveforms in EEG source reconstruction to detect the epileptic driver during seizures.
van Mierlo Pieter, Strobbe Gregor, Montes Restrepo Victoria, Hallez Hans, Lopez Hincapie Jose David, Staelens Steven

Mo-180  Cross-term deprived covariance approach  as an extension of DICS for detection of cross-frequency coupling
Ossadtchi Alexei, Greenblatt Richard

Mo-181  Modulations of cross-frequency phase-amplitude coupling during visuomotor control: a MEG study
Poletti Soto Juan Luis, Jerbi Karim

Mo-182  Estimates of functional connectivity using beamformer techniques: are they reliable?
Quraan Maher, Rotenberg David

Mo-183  Entropy Imaging Identifies Source Activity Independent of Oscillatory Power Variation
Robinson Stephen, Coppola Richard, Mandell Arnold

Mo-184  Effectiveness of sparse Bayesian algorithm for MVAR coefficient estimation in MEG/EEG source-space causality analysis
Sekihara Kensuke, Attias Hagai, Owen Julia, Nagarajan Srikantan

Mo-185  Removal of spurious coherence in MEG source-space coherence analysis
Sekihara Kensuke, Owen Julia, Nagarajan Srikantan

Mo-186  Detection of large-scale networks in EEG and comparison with fMRI
Sockeel Stephane, Schwartz Denis, Benali Habib

Mo-187  Disrupted spectral and directional cortical connectivity explain impairment in an object motion discrimination task during egomotion in a patient with a left occipital lobe infarct
Rana KD, Buonanno F, Hamalainen MS

Mo-188  Frequency specific MEG functional connectivity as measured by Redundancy
Di Lanzo Claudia, Marzetti Laura, Zappasodi Filippo, De Vico Fallani Fabrizio, Pizzella Vittorio

Mo-189  Brain network connectivity during morpholexical processing: an MEG/EEG study
Fonteneau Elisabeth, Su Li, Bozic Mirjana, Marslen-Wilson William

Mo-190  Dominant Component Analysis of MEG Functional Connectivity Networks
Ghanbari Yasser, Bloy Luke, Batmanghelich Kayhan, Roberts Timothy, Verma Ragini

Mo-191  Group analysis of MEG functional connectivity and resting state signal complexity in autism
Ghanbari Yasser, Bloy Luke, Verma Ragini, Roberts Timothy

Mo-192  Creating MEG-DTI markers of pathology using partial data
Ingalhalikar Madhura, Parker William A, Bloy Luke, Roberts Timothy P. L, Verma Ragini

Mo-193  Large-scale cortical correlation structure of spontaneous oscillatory activity
Hipp Joerg, Hawellek David, Corbetta Maurizio, Engel Andreas, Siegel Markus

Mo-194  Source-space waveform reconstruction for coherent brain signals - Can phase information be used for brain connectivity measure?
Hong Jun Hee, Kwon Moonyoung, Jun Sung Chan, Kim Kiwoong

Mo-195  Synchronization of hippocampal and prefrontal rhythms in human decision-making
Guitart Masip Marc, Barnes Gareth, Horner Aidan, Dolan Ray, Duzel Emrah

Mo-196  Convolution models for continuous M/EEG time-frequency data
Litvak Vladimir, Jha Ashwani, Flandin Guillaume, Friston Karl

Mo-197  Extracting resting state networks from Elekta Neuromag MEG data using independent component analysis.
Luckhoo Henry, Brookes Matthew, Heise Verena, Mackay Clare, Ebmeier Klaus, Morris Peter, Woolrich Mark

Mo-198  Investigating the frequency composition of resting state networks in MEG using ICA
Luckhoo Henry, Brookes Matthew, Heise Verena, Mackay Clare, Ebmeier Klaus, Morris Peter, Woolrich Mark

Mo-199  Brain connectivity in permanent non-responsive patients: a DCM study of responses to tone duration violation
Mattout Jérémie, Lecaignard Françoise, Fischer Catherine, Caclin Anne, Luauté Jacques, Morlet Dominique

MagnetoCardioGraphy - Room 8

Mo-50  Signal detection and evaluation for SQUID based fetal magnetocardiography
Zhang Shulin, Liu Ming, Zhang Guofeng, Zeng Jia, Qiu Yang, Wang Yongliang, Kong Xiangyan, Xie Xiaoming, Zhang Yi

Mo-51  Screening IHD Patients with Volume Integral Value within an Extrema Circle in Magnetocardiography
Zhao Chen, Gu Jiaqi, Zhou Dafang, Wang Weiyuan, Jiang Shiqin, Quan Weiwei

Mo-53  Statistical pattern recognition of mice MCG map for detection of abnormal cardiac excitation
Aihara Shimpei, Ishiyama Atsushi, Kasai Naoko, Ono Yumie, Minamisawa Susumu

Mo-54  Prediction of obstructive stenosis in patients with intermediate pretest probability of the chronic CAD: Value of MCG index 
Chaikovsky Illya, Boychak Michael, Mjasnikov Georg, Ryxhlik Catherine, Gangal Igor, Sapronjuk Jury, Sosnytskaja Taisija, Sosnytskyy Volodymir, Frolov Jury, Frolov Jury, Hailer Birgit

Mo-55  Clinical usefulness of fetal actocardiogram using fetal magnetocardiogram in prenatal diagnosis of fetal heart disease
Hosono Takayoshi, Ueda Sachi, Akeno Haruka, Yamamoto Megumi, Igi Chihiro, Kandori Akihiko, Ogata Kuniomi, Hashimoto Shuji, Ikeda Tomoaki

Mo-56  Development of a Magnetocardiography Algorithm for Localizing the Origin of Idiopathic Ventricular Outflow Tract Tachycardia
Ito Yoko, Yoshida Kentaro, Shiga Keisuke, Kandori Akihiko, Ogata Kuniomi, Sekihara Kensuke, Aonuma Kazutaka

Mo-57  Analytic Solution of Cardiac Electrical Activity
Jiang Shiqin, Zhu Junjie, Wang Weiyuan, Zang Xiao, Lin Yuzhang, Zhou Dafang

Mo-58  Magnetic field patterns due to normal, retrograde and uncoupled gastric electrical activity
Kim Juliana, Pullan Andrew, Bradshaw Alan, Cheng Leo

Mo-59  5-Year Long-term Results of MCG map-guide minimal AF surgery in the patients who has a long-standing persistent AF
Kim Doosang, Kim Kiwoong, Lee Yong-Ho, Ahn Hyuk

Mo-60  Optimizing a magnetic sensor vest for cardiac source imaging
Lau Stephan, Petkovic Bojana, Di Rienzo Luca, Haueisen Jens

Mo-61  On sensitivity of magnetocardiography to atrial and ventricular activity
Mäntynen Ville, Konttila Teijo, Stenroos Matti

Mo-62  MCG-parameters in automatic classification of patients with arterial hypertension and postinfarction cardiosclerosis
Maslennikov Yuri, Primin Michael, Nedayvoda Igor, Sasonko Maria, Kuznetsova Svetlana, Ivanov Gennady

Mo-63  Magnetocardiographic assessment of intraventricular conduction delay in patients with left bundle branch block using simulated and measured data
Ogata Kuniomi, Takaki Hiroshi, Kandori Akihiko, Miyashita Tsuyoshi, Yoshida Kentaro, Aonuma Kazutaka, Tilg Bernhard, Pfeifer Bernhard, Siegel Michael, Kamakura Shiro

Mo-64  Is there a critical time period for neurovegetative development in the fetus?
Schneider Uwe, Schleussner Ekkehard, Rudolph Anja, Jaekel Susann, Wallwitz Ulrike, Hoyer Dirk

Mo-65  His bundle activity by Magnetocardiography with QRS-onset as fiducial point
Senthilnathan Sengottuvel, C Parasakthi, N Mariyappa, Patel Rajesh, K Gireesan, M.P Janawadkar, T.S Radhakrishnan

Mo-66  Characterization of Blocked Atrial Bigeminy Using Fetal Magnetocardiagraphy: Comparison with Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound
Wiggins Delonia L., Strasburger Janette, Wakai Ronald

MEG and MCG Instrumentation - Room 8

Mo-1  Spherical coil array for calibration of sensors used in magnetoencephalogram systems
Adachi Yoshiaki, Higuchi Masanori, Oyama Daisuke, Uehara Gen

Mo-2  SQUID biomagnetometer for magnetospinography
Adachi Yoshiaki, Kawai Jun, Kawabata Shigenori, Ukegawa Dai, Sekihara Kensuke, Uehara Gen

Mo-3  Auditory Cortex Signal Detected by Potassium Alkali Vapour Magnetometer
Begus Samo, Jazbinsek Vojko, Trontelj Zvonko, Kim Kiwoong, Romalis Michael, Lim Sanghyun

Mo-4  GMR-based sensors arrays for biomagnetic source imaging applications
Campiglio Paolo, Caruso Laure, Paul Elodie, Demonti Amala, Azizi-Rogeau Leila, Fermon Claude, Parkkonen Lauri, Pannetier-Lecoeur Myriam

Mo-5  Calibration of a multichannel MEG sensor based on Signal Space Separation method
Chella Federico, Marzetti Laura, Zappasodi Filippo, Pizzella Vittorio

Mo-6  Device ground truth using a single dipole phantom
Cheung T, Liu Jeff, Furlong Paul, Braeutigam Sven, Witton Caroline, Parameswaran Ash

Mo-7  Localization of Neuromagnetic Evoked Responses by using a Single Channel High-Tc-Squid
Chocholacs Harald, Boers Frank, Breuer Lukas, Dammers Jürgen, Do Cao Tri, Eich Eberhard, Faley Michael, Shah N. Jon

Mo-8  Feasibility of measuring cerebral hemodynamics with SQUID susceptometry
Diamond Solomon, Burke Broc

Mo-9  Magnetoencephalography with high-Tc DC SQUID magnetometers
Faley M. I., Poppe U., Dunin-Borkowski R. E., Chocholacs H., Dammers J., Eich E., Shah N. J., Slobodchikov Yu. V., Maslennikov Yu. V., Koshelets V. P.

Mo-10  Determination of Cardiac Output by analyzing records of bioelectric heart activity
Gómez Francisco, Cordova Teodoro, Bravo Teresa, Bernal Jesús, Rosales Juan, Hernández Martha, Solorio Sergio, Sosa Modesto, Perez Huetzin, Gaytan Carlos

Mo-11  A barrier free magnetic shield and its application to MCG measurements by a fluxgate array
Sasada Ichiro, Harada Shoumu, Han Feng, Takeda Toshikaze, Shimada Masaki, Mahgoub Abdelmomen

Mo-12  Magnetomodulation Superconducting Sensor of Weak Magnetic  Field
Ichkitidze Levan

Mo-13  Hybrid Magnetic Field Sensor with Superconductive Magnetic Flux Transformer  for Detection of  Carbon Nanotubes
Ichkitidze Levan

Mo-14  Superconducting Film Magnetic Field Concentrator for the Sensor of Magnetic Field
Ichkitidze Levan

Mo-15  Magnetic cytological detection system using high-Tc SQUID operated by module type flux-locked loop circuit
Kandori Akihiko, Kawabata Ryuzo, Ogata Kuniomi, Tsukamoto Akira, Adachi Seiji, Mizoguchi Takako, Tanabe Keiichi

Mo-16  Optical Pumped Magnetometer Operated by Mixed D1 and D2 Laser Beams
Kawabata Ryuzo, Fukuda Kyoya, Kandori Akihiko

Mo-17  Summing magnetometer outputs in an elekta vectorview  for novel purposes
Khan Sheraz, Cohen David

Mo-18  First Order Gradient Compensation Technique in an Unshielded Multi-channel Magnetocardiograph System
Kong Xiangyan, Zeng Jia, Zhang Shulin, Qiu Yang, Wang Yongliang, Zhang Guofeng, Liu Ming, Xie Xiaoming, Zhang Yi

Mo-19  Multi-channel Magnetocardiograph System with a Novel Low Tc DC SQUID Gradiometer Module
Kong Xiangyan, Zhang Guofeng, Qiu Yang, Zhang Shulin, Zeng Jia, Wang Yongliang, Liu Ming, Xie Xiaoming, Zhang Yi

Mo-20  Development of wide dynamic range SQUID magnetometer using analog FLL with flux-quanta counting
Kobayashi Koichiro, Mita Katsuhiko, Yoshizawa Masahito, Oyama Daisuke, Uchikawa Yoshinori

Mo-21  Optimum combination of axial gradiometers and magnetically shielded rooms for high-sensitivity economic magnetocardiography measurements
Lee Yong-Ho, Kim Kiwoong, Yu Kwon-Kyu, Kim Jin-Mok, Kwon Hyukchan

Mo-22  Measurement of Biomagnetic Signals with a Multi-channel Chip-Scale Atomic Magnetometer System
Mhaskar Rahul, Knappe Svenja, Sander Tilmann, Trahms Lutz, Kitching John

Mo-23  Combining magnetoencephalography and near-infrared optical imaging
Monto Simo, Nissilä Ilkka

Mo-24  Performance of a triple-sensor MEG system with additional tangentially oriented sensors
Nenonen Jukka, Nurminen Jussi, Taulu Samu, Simola Juha, Parkkonen Lauri, Helle Liisa, Ahonen Antti

Mo-25  Rapid generation and evaluation of sensor arrangements for novel helmet shapes
Nurminen Jussi, Kicic Dubravko, Ahonen Antti

Mo-26  Development and Evaluation of Fifty-Coil Phantom for MEG Systems
Oyama Daisuke, Adachi Yoshiaki, Kasahara Takehiro, Konda Takashi, Uehara Gen, Hashimoto Isao, Yumoto Masato

Mo-27  Publication criteria for evoked magnetic fields of the human brain: a proposal
Ozaki Isamu, Shiraishi Hideaki, Kamada Kyousuke, Kameyama Shigeki, Tsuyuguchi Naohiro, Yumoto Masato, Watanabe Yutaka, Hashimoto Isao

Mo-28  Atomic magnetometry: present and future applications
Peña Fernández Alberto, Marco de Lucas Rafael

Mo-29  Atomic magnetometer pumped with intensity-modulated light
Schultze Volkmar, IJsselsteijn Rob, Scholtes Theo, Woetzel Stefan, Meyer Hans-Georg

Mo-30  Stereo camera MEG-MRI coregistration and head tracking
Woods Will, Gouws Andre, Green Gary

Mo-31  Experiences with a third party Helium Recycling system
Woods Will

Neurological and Psychiatric disorders - Room 101

Mo-134  Neural Correlates of Emotional Expressions in Individuals with High and Low Autistic Tendencies
Vukusic Svjetlana, Crewther David, Ciorciari Joseph, Kaufman Jordy

Mo-135  Complexity analysis of resting-state MEG activity in Traumatic Brain Injury patients
Luo Qian, Xu Duo, Roskos Tyler, Stout Jeff, Kull Lynda, Whitson Diane, Boomgarden Erich, Cheng Xi, Gfeller Jeffrey, Taylor Shontel, Bucholz Richard

Mo-136  Efficient estimation of cross-frequency coupling from Parkinson's disease recordings
Özkurt Tolga Esat, Mapelli Igor, Schnitzler Alfons

Mo-137  Decreased reactivity of somatosensory and motor cortex oscillations (10 Hz and 20 Hz) in cerebral palsy
Pihko Elina, Nevalainen Päivi, Laaksonen Kristina, Mäenpää Helena, Lauronen Leena

Mo-138  Imbalanced synchronized oscillatory activity of the primary motor cortex in early stages of Parkinson's disease
Pollok Bettina, Krause Vanessa, Martsch Wiebke, Ferrea Stefano, Wach Claudia, Schnitzler Alfons, Südmeyer Martin

Mo-139  Neuromagnetic assessment of cross-modal sensory gating in Asperger syndrome
Popescu Mihai, Dunn Winnie, Tanquary Jennifer, Popescu Elena-Anda

Mo-140  Corticomuscular coherence following stroke
Rossiter Holly, Boudrias Marie-Helene, Park Chang-Hyun, Barnes Gareth, Litvak Vladimir, Ward Nick, Eaves Christiane

Mo-141  Neuromagnetic auditory response and its relation to cortical thickness in ultra-high-risk for psychosis
Shin Kyung Soon, Jung Wi Hoon, Kim June Sic, Hwang Jae Yeon, Jang Joon Hwan, Chung Chun Kee, Kwon Jun Soo

Mo-142  Exploring Connectivity in Schizophrenia using Joint ICA to Combine MEG and DTI
Stephen Julia M., Coffman Brian A., Bustillo Juan R., Calhoun Vince D.

Mo-143  A Neural Basis of Sleep Spindles -As an Indicator of Recovery Following Stroke and Brain Injury
Urakami Yuko

Mo-144  Attention modulated oscillatory activity in Parkinson's Disease is normalized by dopamine
van Dijk Hanneke, Hoogenboom Nienke, Ferrea Stefano, Suedmeyer Martin, Schnitzler Alfons

Mo-145  Auditory evoked field of a speech stimulus in 3- to 7-year-old normally developing and autistic children
Yoshimura Yuko, Yoshimura Yuko, Kikuchi Mitsuru, Ueno Sanae, Shitamichi Kiyomi, Remijn Gerard, Haruta Yasuhiro, Oi Manabu, Higashida Haruhiro, Minabe Yoshio

Mo-152  Fuzzy Entropy analysis of the electroencephalogram background activity in Alzheimer's disease
Abasolo Daniel, Simons Samantha

Mo-153  Potential Utility of Resting-State Magnetoencephalography as a Biomarker of CNS Abnormality in HIV Disease
Becker James T., Fabrizio Melissa, Bagic Anto, Lopez Oscar L., Maestu Fernando, Parkkonen Lauri, Cuesta Pablo, Sudre Gustavo, Bajo Ricardo

Mo-154  Gamma Band Power During Verbal Memory Encoding Differentiates Between Better and Worse Recognition Memory Performance
Becker James T., Fabrizio Melissa, Bagic Anto, Maestu Fernando, Parkkonen Lauri, Sudre Gustavo

Mo-155  Functional connectivity in Alzheimer's disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment: an EEG study in the framework of DECIDE project
Blinowska Katarzyna, De Vico Fallani Fabrizio, Babiloni Claudio, Lizio Roberta, Vecchio Fabrizio, Lesyng Bogdan, Kaminski Maciej, Rakowski Franciszek

Mo-156  Visuo-spatial attention and simple action decision in ageing and dementia.
Bompas Aline, Tales Andrea, Bayer Antony, Jones Derek, Singh Krish

Mo-157  Atypical memory traces in adolescent schizophrenia: A magnetoencephalographic study of the auditory mismatch negativity response
Braeutigam Sven, Dima Danai, James Anthony

Mo-158  An MEG study of high-frequency brain oscillations in autism and first-degree relatives during picture naming
Buard Isabelle, Kronberg Eugene, Rogers Sally J., Hepburn Susan, Rojas Don C.

Mo-159  Contributions of the Calcarine Cortex to Mechanism of Obsessions in OCD
Ciesielski Kristina Rewin, Ahlfors Seppo, Rosen Bruce R., Hämäläinen Matti

Mo-160  Temporal Dynamics for Cortical Processing of Working Memory in Subjects with OCD
Ciesielski Kristina Rewin, Ciesielski Kristina Rewin, Ahlfors Seppo, Ratai Eva, Geller Daniel, Hämäläinen Matti

Mo-161  Effects of Medication upon Low-Frequency Frontal Activity in Schizophrenia Patients
Coffman Brian A., Stone David, Romero Lucinda, Bustillo Juan, Stephen Julia M.

Mo-162  Alterations of cross-frequency coupling in MEG resting state recordings in Mild Cognitive Impairment patients.
Garcés López Pilar, Cuesta Pablo, López García María Eugenia, Aurtenetxe Vicandi Sara, Perales Castellanos Nazareth, Bajo Bretón Ricardo, García-Prieto Juan, Montenegro Mercedes, Delgado María Luisa, Marcos Alberto, Yubero Raquel, Sancho Miguel, del Pozo Francisco, Fernando Maestù Unturbe

Mo-163  Reversed brain lateralization during metaphor processing in individuals with schizophrenia: A MEG study
Goldstein Avi, Zeev-Wolf Maor, Faust Miriam, Levkovitz Yechiel

Mo-164  Normalization of high gamma band activity following cognitive training in patients with schizophrenia
Herman Alexander, Brown Ethan, Dale Corby, Houde John, Vinogradov Sophia, Nagarajan Srikantan

Mo-165  Intracortical inhibition of primary and secondary somatosensory cortex in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia? An MEG study
Hsu Wan-Yu, Kwan Shang-Yeong, Chen Rou-Shayn, Liao Kwong-Kum, Lin Yung-Yang

Mo-166  Quantitative analysis on the MEG using automated ROI constitution for assessing cerebral ischemia
Ikeda Hidetoshi, Okumura Eiichi, Sakamoto Shinichi, Nishiyama Hideki, Kunihiro Noritsugu, Ohata Kenji, Tsuyuguchi Naohiro

Mo-167  Prefrontal deficits in the M50 network correlate with neuropsychological function in dementia of the Alzheimer's type
Josef Golubic Sanja, Aine Cheryl J., Stephen Julia M., Caklovic Lavoslav, Adair John C., Knoefel Janice E., Supek Selma

Mo-168  Neuromagnetic response of the patient with functional brain disorder with Korean MEG system
Kim Bong Soo, Chang Won Seok, Jung Hyun Ho, Kwon Hyuk Chan, Lee Yong Ho, Chang Jin Woo

Mo-169  Manetoencephalographic analysis using sLORETA-qm for spontaneous cortical activity in patients with brain tumors
Kunihiro Noritsugu, Tsuyuguchi Naohiro, Ikeda Hidetoshi, Uda Takehiro, Sakamoto Sinichi, Okumura Eiichi, Ohata Kenji

Mo-170  Alterations in spontaneous brain oscillations during stroke recovery
Laaksonen Kristina, Helle Liisa, Mäkelä Jyrki, Forss Nina, Numminen Jussi, Parkkonen Lauri

Mo-171  Advances in pre-surgical functional brain mapping for tumor patients using MEG
Laing Erika June Christina, Niranjan Ajay, Lunsford L. Dade, Ghuman Avniel, Fernandez-Miranda Juan C., Hämäläinen Mätti, Gramfort Alexandre

Mo-172  Neural synchronization analysis of the MEG auditory steady-state response (ASSR) to evaluate high-risk subjects for schizophrenia
Lee Boreom

Mo-173  Alterations in beta power during a working memory task in depressed subjects
Nugent Allison, Marquardt Craig, Holroyd Tom, Zarate, Jr. Carlos, Furey Maura, Salvadore Giacomo

Other cognitive functions - Room 8

Mo-32  Acute Alcohol Intake Affects Emotional Responses in Human Brain
Lithari Chrysa, Bamidis Panagiotis, Fragou Domniki, Styliadis Haris, Braun Christoph, Papadelis Christos

Mo-33  Dynamics of evidence accumulation  in subliminal and conscious conditions: an EEG/MEG study
Charles Lucie

Mo-34  EMG-coherent EEG maps suggest communication between SMA and muscles during a manual precision task.
Chen Sophie, De Graaf Jozina Bernhardina, Entakli Jonathan

Mo-35  Cortical oscillations accompanying inhibitory control: Is response withholding different from response switching? 
Cheyne Douglas, Isabella Silvia, Ferrari Paul, Jobst Cecilia, Cheyne J. Allan

Mo-36  Binding visual social cues: a study coupling EEG and fMRI
Conty Laurence, Dezecache Guillaume, Hugueville Laurent, Grèzes Julie

Mo-37  Effect of force-load on cortical activity preceding voluntary finger movement
Cunnington Ross, Cui Rongqing, Deecke Lueder

Mo-38  The affective impact of person density perception in public transport: an MEG study
Dumas Thibaud, George Nathalie, Dubal Stéphanie

Mo-39  TMS of SMA evokes similar motor potentials on intrinsic hand muscles as TMS of M1 during a precise visuomotor tracking task.
Entakli Jonathan, Bonnard Mireille, Chen Sophie, De Graaf Jozina Bernhardina

Mo-40  Evidence for a motor gamma-band network governing response interference
Gaetz William, Liu Cheng, Zhu Hongmei, Roberts Timothy

Mo-41  Statistical regularity encoding in the human brain
Garrido Marta I., Sahani Maneesh, Dolan Raymond J.

Mo-42  Cortical oscillatory dynamics of cognitive control
Hinkley Leighton, Cohen Mike, Findlay Anne, Dale Corby, Mukherjee Pratik, Sherr Elliott, Nagarajan Srikantan

Mo-43  Oxytocin attenuates feelings of hostility depending on emotional context and individuals? characteristics.
Hirosawa Tetsu, Kikuchi Mitsuru, Higashida Haruhiro, Okumura Eiichi

Mo-44  Event-related changes in gamma-band brain activities during eye gaze perception between directly facing subjects
Iwaki Sunao

Mo-45  Neural correlates of the reproduction of temporal intervals as revealed by MEG and EEG.
Kononowicz Tadeusz, van Rijn Hedderik, Sander Tilmann

Mo-46  Age-related differences in neural activation during emotional processing
Leung Rachel, Qureshi Hamzah, Pang Elizabeth, Taylor Margot, Smith Mary Lou

Mo-47  Behavior of motor-cortical 20 Hz oscillatory activity in movement inhibition and execution
Yazawa Shogo, Murahara Takashi, Yu Zhen, Saito Hidekazu, Shiraishi Hideaki, Matsuhashi Masao, Nagamine Takashi

Mo-48  Modulation of auditory-cortex lower alpha-band rhythm by anticipated emotional sounds
Yokosawa Koichi, Tamada Kaori, Pamilo Siina, Hirvenkari Lotta, Pihko Elina, Hari Riitta

Mo-103  Amygdala timing reveals the underlying neural mechanisms for 5-HTTLPR Polymorphism variation: a MEG/SAM study
Luo Qian, Holroyd Tom, Mitchell Derek, Yu Henry, Hodgkinson Colin, McCaffrey Daniel, Cheng Xi, Duo Xu, Goldman David, Blair James

Mo-104  Brain regions sensitive to the facial color processing: an fMRI study
Nakajima Kae, Minami Tetsuto, Nakauchi Shigeki

Mo-105  Motor planning network of processing categorical action sequences
Park Hame, Kim June Sic, Chung Chun Kee

Mo-106  Simultaneous EEG-MEG study of feedback responses during Brain-Computer Interaction
Perrin Margaux, Sanchez Gaëtan, Daligault Sebastien, Bertrand Olivier, Maby Emmanuel, Mattout Jérémie

Mo-107  I have just seen a face: Neuromagnetic oscillatory activity in somatosensory cortex indexes recognition of facial affect expression
Popov Tzvetan, Rockstroh Brigitte, Miller Gregory, Elbert Thomas, Weisz Nathan

Mo-108  Cross-frequency coupling of neuromagnetic oscillatory activity: A window on neural mechanisms of emotion regulation?
Popov Tzvetan, Miller Gregory

Mo-109  Self-monitoring of internal clock shifts: automatic vs. conscious access to time
Roger Clémence, Buiatti Marco, van Wassenhove Virginie

Mo-110  The role of cerebellum in the temporal regulation of emotional processing
Styliadis Charalampos, Ioannides Andreas, Bamidis Panagiotis, Papadelis Christos

Mo-111  Embodied spatial transformations: The brain rotates 3D objects like it controls ice skating spin
Tariel François, Chouk Hela

Mo-112  Neural mechanisms underlying socially-induced preferences
Ulloa Fulgeri José Luis, George Nathalie


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